About us

Luxury, personalised to your lifestyle, brought with simplicity, clarity and forward-thinking principles.

Nuhaven brings your vision to reality with experience and collaboration. Our sophisticated designs have you in mind, with flexibility in design options to suit your ideals of living.

Nuhaven Homes is an Australian-owned luxury residential building company that forms the bridge between simplicity and quality, creating results that are affordable and accessible. With years of experience in the building industry, Nuhaven was established to create meticulously handcrafted homes with luxury in mind, tailoring to clients’ custom ideas.

Our Story

Nuhaven exists to simplify the luxury homebuilding journey, using sustainable materials custom to clients’ designs, giving them a haven stylised to their lifestyle and tastes. The foundation for Nuhaven lies in our 3 step process: Explore – Experience – Enjoy.

Our Team

Russell has a passion to help people visualise their dreams, realise the potential of their ideas and then help to bring them to life. 

He has a bachelor of Environmental Planning and an Advanced Diploma in Building and Construction Management and over the past 20 years has successfully delivered over 700 residential and commercial projects. 

Having personally competed at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and multiple World Championships, Russell created Urban Revolutions and Nuhaven Homes on the values of striving for excellence in both attitude and delivery. This extends through to the team at Nuhaven Homes.

Russell Garnett
Founder and Managing Director of Nuhaven Homes