Why Nuhaven

Our Build Process

Our build process follows 3 straightforward steps: explore, experience, enjoy. This is aimed to ensure that the process for our clients is made simple and manageable and allows for a smooth building experience with close collaboration between us and you as we guide you through each milestone on the building journey.


Our display home is designed to immerse you in the modern luxurious styles that Nuhaven can bring you, introducing you to the freedom of luxury while invigorating your 5 senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. We want you to leave our display home informed and engaged, with clarity around your design options, pricing, and inclusion customisations.

The Build Your Home portal allows you to experiment with a variety of designs, explore pricing, and give you some inspiration for your custom vision for us to materialise. This experience gives you the opportunity to customise floor plans to match your personal lifestyle, architecturally designed facades, and curated interior design schemes that bring your personalised space to life, creating an environment shaped by your own vision.


Our team will discuss your different designs and give you options, ideas, and prices, working closely with you to design your ideal luxury home fashioned to your lifestyle. We provide solutions backed by years of experience to ensure your luxury home is built with quality craftsmanship, using quality sustained materials to ensure environmental conscientiousness.

You will be able to track the progress of your journey on the Nuhaven portal as we update you with every important milestone in the pre-construction and construction stages. Throughout the process, you can expect maximum communication between our experts, trade suppliers, and yourself to allow successful results to develop with simplicity and quality. Watch your design choices come to life; on time, on budget.


As you settle in to your nu haven we continue to support with reminders on maintenance, along with a personal check-in after 6 months.

Build with Nuhaven.
Build with Confidence.